About this blog

Welcome to DigiTalk

This blog is from the University of Bristol Digital Education Office and our team of Student Digital Champions. It’s primarily for students of the University, but if you’re a staff member you’re welcome here too! We are here to blog about everything digital education, from digital skills to top tech tips and more. Our Student Digital Champions will be posting here, along with other members of the DEO team, and other teams from across the Uni.

We’re also using this for service announcements for students: if one of our digital education tools (like Blackboard, Turnitin, RePlay) has planned or unplanned service issues, we’ll tell you about them here. Bookmark this blog to check for updates, or subscribe to get alerts straight to your email.

If you want to contribute to the blog, email ‘digital-education@bristol.ac.uk’ and we’ll get in touch!

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